They say that January is the most depressing month of the year, soon to open, and you can see why.

After the lights, high emotions and sugar highs of parties, we enter a month of fighting for resolutions (and how many times their failures and the realization that we are always going through life with the same failures), diets (and sugar cravings to climb the walls) and winter that without Christmas lights is no longer fun, it's just cold, dark and damp.

What can we do to protect ourselves from this blues?

1 | Sunbathing in the tutiço: this year we have nothing to complain about, the beginning of the year has a radiant sun that warms our soul, no matter how much the cold hits our bones. It’s about making the most of the few hours in the day – which are still getting longer and longer, yay!! – and go outside, call upon the sun, catch a few rays of precious light and absorb as much as possible that vital energy that only the king star gives us. Thank you January.

2 | We eat well. Let's not think about diets, about losing those extra pounds, let's think about nourishing our beloved body with good things. It's about throwing away all the leftovers from the holidays (even if you eat them, I know...) and filling your pantry and fridge with only real, nutritious food. Even if we have a crazy sugar craving, eating good things, even if lavishly, even at late hours, is always better than eating shit or suffering until we burst and eating this world and the next. I've been feeding it heavily on Sauerkraut, canned mung bean sprouts, lupins and coconut oil paste, hazelnuts and cocoa, and I don't have to.

3 | Seeing ourselves as beautiful on the outside. Putting on makeup, making an effort to wear that cute dress (and colorful! nothing like bright clothes to look good!), that beret, that scarf, is looking in the mirror and liking what we see: us, giving a fuck for ourselves.

4 | Exercise the body. I know, it's horrible to take us in winter and go exercise. It's so cold, damn it! But it's worth. And I'm not talking about getting in shape for the summer (although that's a good vision for the future), but rather the wonderful endorphins that we release when we speed up our heart rate and get our bodies moving. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a reality. And feeling like super women with super power after working out for half an hour is not a feeling to throw away… I still do my gymnastics yoga at home, but this year I want more from yoga.

5 | Cultivate the mind. Taking advantage of the cold outside to wrap ourselves in warm blankets with that book we want to read so much. Put aside the damn cell phone full of social networks and turn to ourselves, to our hot tea, a rare silence or good music and lose ourselves in the paper. But not at night, instead of the TV and the damn cell phone to call you to sleep, when you go to bed. It's how I end my days and count the hours, even if I'm lazing around on the couch... Even because, in addition to cultivating the mind, it encourages sleep, another fundamental factor in waking up the next day in a much better mood and energetic mood!

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