Massagem facial? Os melhores ajudantes

Facial massage? The best helpers

Quality cosmetics are an essential helper in fighting wrinkles, but don't let them do all the work. Your skin care should also include a regular facial massage, for which you can now find many massage accessories. Massage stimulates blood circulation and decongests the skin of toxins, reduces swelling and improves the absorption of facial care. It really has many benefits, thanks to which you can “welcome” wrinkles a little later. Discover our tips on how to give a massage at home easily and effectively!

The basics of facial massage

If you have no experience with massage, we advise you to consult a specialist – it depends on the type of massage you want to try. But a simplified manual facelift can be done even at home.

The advantage is that it only takes a few minutes a day. What is important is regularity, otherwise you won't get the results! It is also necessary not to “scrub” the skin and use, for example, a facial oil or serum.

The best time for a cosmetic massage is at night, as the skin regenerates overnight and is perfectly rested the next morning. But if your main goal is to get rid of swelling, a massage in the morning with a cooled tool is what will wake you up!

Benefits of facial massage at home

  • Stimulates blood circulation – the blood system is activated and the skin takes on a healthier appearance.
  • Helps decongest the skin of toxins.
  • Reduces tension in the face.
  • Minimizes swelling.
  • Fight wrinkles.
  • Strengthens facial muscles in the long term.
  • Thanks to the massage, the skin is illuminated.

How to choose facial massage accessory?

How your massage will feel also depends on whether you are going to use just your fingers, or prefer to choose a massage accessory. Everyone is a little different, so it's up to you to say what you want.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is based on traditional Chinese medicine and in a specialized salon they will provide you with a massage not only of your face, but also of your entire body. However, we are sure that having a simplified massage will not be a problem.

With the help of the gua sha stone Zoë Ayla Luxurious Jade Gua Sha Therapy Tool Gua Sha, apply a care product to your face and start massaging. With the gua sha stone , massage the skin of the face with gentle movements, sliding from the nose to the edges of the face, then from the eyebrows to the sides. Don't forget the jaw and neck, where you should make upward movements.

Face massage roller

If you are looking for a massage roller, there are several types you can choose from. However, they all guarantee a pleasant massage with an even more pleasant result.

One of the biggest beauty stars in the world is the massage roller jade roller , which is sometimes used in combination with the gua sha stone. How to have a massage with Crystallove Rose Quartz Roller? Start at the neck and make gentle movements from the bottom up – you're fighting gravity, so you have to “stretch” the skin. Move from the center to the corners of your face and always try to point the roller upwards towards your temples. On the forehead, massage from the nose to the hair. You can do the same with the rose quartz roller Crystallove 3D Rose Quartz Lift Massager.

O germanium roll from the Nuancess collection with tiny pebbles is a perfect helper to reduce swelling and activate the blood system. Before the massage, let it cool in the fridge, thus achieving an even brighter effect. Start on the forehead with gentle movements from top to bottom and continue in the same way on the cheeks.

If you want to have skin like a baby, first apply your favorite sheet mask and enjoy a massage with the roller while the mask takes effect. The effects of the massage roller and mask combine and your skin becomes even brighter!

TIP: Jade rollers They are a guaranteed bloat buster. Before using them, let them cool for 90 minutes and then gently massage with movements from the bottom up, from the center to the corners of the face.

massage rollers

Hi-tech facial massage device

If you want to take facial massage with a lifting effect to a higher level, it's time for Perfect Skin™ ! This top helper features T-Sonic micro-current and pulsation technology, which guarantee perfectly taut skin – of course, with regular use.

To ensure that the massage is safe and effective, apply a serum to clean skin before the massage. Then just turn on the device, choose the intensity of the procedure and start massaging your face. All it takes is three minutes a day and the results won't take long!

So, do you know which facial massage aids will be your allies in the fight for taut, glowing skin?

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