It shouldn't be a topic, as the title says, and it won't be, but for now it still draws attention, despite being on a positive note, the editions of magazines dedicated to all ages, especially older ones, putting them into deserved prominence, in this world still too attached to dogma


Sónia Braga and Constanza Pascolato, the latest muses to grace the cover of Vogue Brasil

Well, that direct connection is increasingly broken, putting wonderful older women at the forefront, I dare say more now than when they were younger, when in other times they would have been condemned to invisibility and oblivion, until the day comes when age will not be a question, just beauty and strength. And you will have the same airtime, not the exception or claim.

More and more we see these covers, these faces, these women who represent us at their age, deserving the status of unattainable beauty like young women, with only a few decades of experience under their belt.

The more they appear, the less strange the wrinkles, the white ones, the thin skin become, the more it normalizes well aging, smart aging, but always aging, because the natural thing is to age, not to be anti-aging as if we could or wanted to cancel it. the passing of years. That's what happens to those who live a long time, and thankfully, it's a privilege!

They appear on the websites of the clothing brands they buy , on the cosmetics brands they use, on the covers of the magazines they finance. We consume, we exist, we have to be considered.

They don't hide, they don't surrender, they have a voice and a will. We want this place that rightfully belongs to us, we are here and we want to be present, we want to be visible because we are relevant. We are called the cover.

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